Lemon Rolls


I love springtime here in Arizona, thats when the citrus trees start to bloom. If you have never experienced citrus trees blooming then you are missing a lot. Another reason for loving springtime here is that along with the blooming, the actual fruit on the trees are perfect and its time to eat them. I take it upon myself to use all the free citrus I get my hands on. I know you’re asking yourself, why another lemon post? Well I have to do something with all those lemons on my mother-in-laws tree.

The best thing about these lemon rolls is the dough, it’s to die for. It’s my go to dough for any type of “swirl” buns. It is a brioche dough, meaning it’s enriched with butter, eggs and honey which gives it a slightly sweet, almost layered texture. The thing that really puts the dough for this recipe over the top is the lemon zest. The zest gives it that aromatic scent that pushes these lemon rolls over the top. The filling and glaze also work together to make these lemon rolls something you will want to experience over and over.

Lemon Rolls

Lemon Rolls

Lemon Rolls


Honey Oatmeal Bread

Honey Oatmeal Bread

Smelling bread baking is like an aphrodisiac to my wife. She goes ga-ga for freshly baked bread. I think it’s that way for many of us. The smell is so compelling. Mmmmmm bread! We usually can’t wait to slap some butter on a slice and chow away. This honey oatmeal bread is no exception. The best way to enjoy it, in my opinion, is slightly toasted with butter and homemade jam, just sayin’. The oatmeal gives it a bit of a rich nutty flavor and is slightly sweet from the honey. Really this is a great all around bread. Use it for anything, but mainly toast 😉 .

Garden 2015


My garden is going crazy this year! We had such a mild winter that I started about the time I am supposed to, around February 15th here in Arizona. A few others things have contributed to this great yield. First is the fertilizer put in the holes of the plants. I use FoxFarm Happy Frog Tomato and Vegetable Fertilizer along with some ground up egg shells for a good calcium shot. I also put about a tablespoon of both of those around the base of all the plants and spray those with water to get it into the soil. I do that about every 2 weeks. This has proven to be the best way to get the best growth. I have never had tomato plants grow this big ever. It makes me want to add another bed to our already itty bitty back yard. Now only if I had room for some citrus trees.

Sweet 100 Cherry tomatoes


Squash and Basil

Basil for pizza, yum!



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