Easy and Quick Focaccia Bread

Rosemary Focaccia Bread

I was looking for a good focaccia bread recipe to go with my High Desert Pizza Focaccia Sandwich, but never found what i was looking for. That is until I found this recipe. I am pretty particular when it comes to recipes and the focaccia bread recipes I found in the past just didn’t sit well with me for one reason or another. I even tried one from Michael Chiarello from the Food Network and to tell you the truth it wasn’t good at all.

Oh by the way I went and bought a rosemary bush for $4.50 at Lowes. Way cheaper than the package you would buy at the grocery store and its pretty much a never ending supply. I wouldn’t omit the rosemary if I were you.

Best Waffle Recipe Ever

Best Waffles Ever

Edit 11-23-11 – I have finally added a picture of the waffles. It isn’t the greatest but here it is. I love that waffle iron by the way. It is old and makes the best waffles.

I have ported my “Best Waffle Recipe Ever” over from my portfolio website but i wanted to share it here as well. This will be the main place I do recipe related things from now on.

This recipe was linked from my other website to multiple places including Serious Eats and

My father-in-law is the breakfast master but there has always been a problem, his recipes are in his head. This includes measurements of ingredients. This is a predicament when someone like me wants to make his recipes. Although I have recently learned that his waffle recipe is an actual recipe with real world measurements. These waffles are far and away the BEST WAFFLES EVER!! I mean crispy on the outside, kind of chewy on the inside, yet light. Not heavy. MMMM soooo good.And the recipe was right in front of my nose the whole time. Without further ado:

To go with these tasty goodness’s I don’t recommend maple syrup, I recommend a much lighter (taste wise) alternative syrup – vanilla syrup. Recipe: