I don’t know if you noticed but recently I updated my WordPress theme. It’s responsive. Whats responsive you might ask. Well lets do an experiment. Grab that handy dandy little smartphone out of your pocket. Got it? Good. Now open up the browser so you can surf the web, in the address bar up there type in bestrecipesevar.com. Okay now the let the magic happen, I will wait here til you are done.

Done now? Good. I don’t know if you noticed or not but this site is now much more readable on a smaller display. This is the responsive part I mentioned earlier. The site will shrink and grow according to the size of the screen or browser window you have open. You can try it on your desktop computer too. Make it big… now grab the corner or the side of the window and make it smaller. It’s like magic!!

Now the reasoning. I don’t know about you but I am increasingly using my phone to read recipes. This way we don’t have to squint or try to shrink the page our my browser to see the recipe. It’s all there in an easy to read format. I have also done some minor design tweaks that make things better all around. Yes for now the image slider at the top is missing but I promise, it’s coming back. Internet Explorer users may see some weird things for a bit, but those are getting fixed. Also if you see any weird things that I may have missed just let me know in the comments of this post.

Now for the other fun things. Super Moist Thanksgiving Turkey recipe is coming down the pipe soon. So is Hawaiian BBQ Feast. Hellfire and Damnation Chili too, among others. I pledge to be more posty. I just need to get over the fact that not so great images are alright to have on here instead of perfect ones.