Funnel Cakes

Recently my wife and I went to my friends wedding in Salt Lake City and we had the opportunity to go to Lagoon by ourselves without our kids (yay us). Lagoon is Utah’s answer to Six Flags but not as good. Anyways, one thing that we always get when we go is the funnel cakes. This time was nice because we didn’t have to share them with our little munchkins. We had it all to ourselves. While we were gobbling down our deep fried goodness, I wondered out loud to my wife how hard it would be to make funnel cakes at home. After that we didn’t think about it again or at least I didn’t.

Today I went to help my brother in law move. I was there all morning and when I got home I was surprised when my wife was in the kitchen making funnel cakes. They were so tasty that I decided I had to share this recipe. I hope you enjoy.

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