Easy Orange Chicken Recipe

Easy Orange Chicken

I bet I can guess what your favorite dish is at Panda Express. Pepper chicken, no. Sweet and sour chicken, no. Beijing beef, maybe. Orange chicken….ding ding ding. I win a prize. Just kidding or maybe I’m not. Needless to say I think we all go to Panda Express for the orange chicken. It’s no lie that its the best thing on the menu. My whole family loves it. Sometimes when ordering the 2 entree meal, we get all orange chicken.

Now this orange chicken recipe isn’t as good as mass produced yummyness, but it is really really good. It doesn’t hurt that you can make it at home and don’t have to go on a quest to the strip mall. Plus, if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t post it here for your consumption. My wife made this for the family and the girls loved it I think you will too.

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