Cheater Donuts

Cheater Donuts

I know, another breakfast post. But what can I say, we love breakfast around these parts! These cheater donuts are so addictive and so easy you could make them for breakfast during the week before the kids go to school. At times I have to stop myself from eating them all or my family would not get any at all. They are so easy too. Just open the package, cut holes, fry, glaze and devour! Speaking of the glaze, this glaze is just the icing on the cake. See what I did there? Ha! Seriously its so good, together with the donuts it makes them super addictive. Try them today!!

Cheater Donuts

Donuts ingredients

  • Packaged Buttermilk Biscuits
  • Oil for frying

Killer glaze ingredients

  • 1/3 C. butter
  • 2 C. Powdered Sugar
  • 3-4 T. Hot water
  • 1 1/2 t. Vanilla Extract


  1. Heat oil to 375 degrees.
  2. Open and separate biscuits.
  3. Cut holes for donuts
  4. Fry to golden color.
  5. For Glaze, in a large bowl, melt butter, add in powdered sugar, water and vanilla. Mix together. Add a little more water or powdered sugar to get the right consistency.
  6. Dip donuts in glaze and devour

Only one ingredient - packaged biscuits

Separate the biscuits

Cut that hole

All ready to go

Fry them up

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