Best Brownies Recipe Ever

Best Brownies Recipe Ever

I have a nemesis. Its boxed brownies. Being a guy that likes to make everything homemade, the problem is this, boxed brownies always come out perfect. I could never make any brownies that match up. This goes double for my wife. Of the countless homemade brownies I have made over the years she has never loved or sometimes even liked them. I have tried the Cooks Illustrated brownies. They didn’t go over well. I have also made cheesecake brownies, peanut butter cup brownies, and countless other brownies. None of these were any good for my sweetheart.

I kept searching all the recipe blogs I follow for something that sounded like a solution. Then I started to hear of some brownies from a bakery called Baked. The owners of that bakery have published two books, which I found at our local library. I checked them out and found that there are two brownie recipes in them. One was their original brownie recipe and the other was a sweet and salty brownie recipe, essentially the original recipe with tasty salty gooey caramel in the center.

Having thought the sweet and salty version was up my alley, I decided to make this for my wife and her family. I wanted to see if it would pass the test. She was skeptical as always. That was until she went back for seconds! We all licked the pan clean in a matter of minutes. I believe I finally found the best brownies recipe. I hope you enjoy it as much as my wife and I do.

Best brownies clean pan

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  1. Kendra

    I tried making the brownies and they turned out amazing my family loved them!!!!!


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