Awesome Broccoli Beef

Awesome Broccoli Beef

My kids love broccoli. Kind of weird I know, but they do. So when I find a recipe that uses broccoli, I usually try it out. This broccoli beef recipe struck me because of its apparent ease. This recipe is so tasty. My kids eat it up, I eat it up, even the picky neighbor girl ate it up. It’s really that good.

I wanted to make a note that I did update the method or the way it’s made just a little. I found that blanching the broccoli was a hit or miss on doneness. Sometimes it was too done or sometimes it was underdone. It also added to much water sometimes, so I changed the way that it was cooked. For more info on the method I like to use watch this video on how to stir fry. By the way, my family loves that recipe as well.

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  1. kandis

    one more I have to try!

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  4. Richard

    I’m surprised you have not had any comments on this to-date … it’s a really lovely recipe. I just made it for my wife and we both really enjoyed it. I let the beef sit in the marinade for about 4 hours which was really worth it. Such a deep flavor.

    I also included an onion, chopped in large asian style pieces so it maintained it’s bite and stir-fried along with the broc.

    For heat, I also added a really finely diced chilli pepper as I didn’t have any sriracha … for the marinade (again in the absence of sriracha) I included some Thai chili dip in order to achieve the consistency in the sauce …

    It all worked out really well ….

  5. Sandi

    Number of servings would be helpful.


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