Best Brownies Recipe Ever

Best Brownies Recipe Ever

I have a nemesis. Its boxed brownies. Being a guy that likes to make everything homemade, the problem is this, boxed brownies always come out perfect. I could never make any brownies that match up. This goes double for my wife. Of the countless homemade brownies I have made over the years she has never loved or sometimes even liked them. I have tried the Cooks Illustrated brownies. They didn’t go over well. I have also made cheesecake brownies, peanut butter cup brownies, and countless … Continued

Better Than Hostess Cupcakes

Better than Hostess Cupcakes

How many of you used to, or still eat Hostess Cupcakes? I know I did back in the day. I stopped eating them because I don’t know if I trust what they put into them. So when I saw this on Cooks Country, I just had to make them. These are heaven in chocolatey, creamy form. They are oh so good. You won’t be able to stop at just one, I sure can’t.