Awesome Broccoli Beef

Awesome Broccoli Beef

My kids love broccoli. Kind of weird I know, but they do. So when I find a recipe that uses broccoli, I usually try it out. This broccoli beef recipe struck me because of its apparent ease. This recipe is so tasty. My kids eat it up, I eat it up, even the picky neighbor girl ate it up. It’s really that good. I wanted to make a note that I did update the method or the way it’s made just a little. I found … Continued

Chicken Broccoli Pasta Skillet w/ Parmesan

chicken broccoli pasta skillet w/ parmesan

About 6 months or so ago my wife found this recipe on a website she frequents. She decided to try it out on the family. It was a huge hit. For a family of 4 semi-picky little girls that is a good thing. I need to warn you though, this stuff is sooo addicting you won’t be able to stop yourself at 3 or 4 helpings. Seriously. If you try this I am sure it will be a long time favorite in your house.