Raspberry Pretzel Dessert

Pretzel Dessert

Raspberry pretzel dessert has been making the rounds lately. Funny thing is that my Mom has been making this dessert for 20 years, at least. So it’s old hat in my family. Even then it’s still a hit at dinner parties and my kids scream happily when they learn we are making it. My 9 yr. old wanted it for dessert for her birthday dinner. To say the least, its a popular dessert at our house. I have wanted to post this for a long … Continued

Lemon Encrusted Blueberry Muffins


Holy crap these are good. They are a little bit of work but they are totally worth it. My wife found these at My Kitchen Cafe and I have to give her mad props for a great find. I have made them quite a few times. Next time I make them I am going to try them with frozen raspberries, I feel they are that versatile. Enjoy!