Funnel Cakes

Tasty funnel cake

Recently my wife and I went to my friends wedding in Salt Lake City and we had the opportunity to go to Lagoon by ourselves without our kids (yay us). Lagoon is Utah’s answer to Six Flags but not as good. Anyways, one thing that we always get when we go is the funnel cakes. This time was nice because we didn’t have to share them with our little munchkins. We had it all to ourselves. While we were gobbling down our deep fried goodness, … Continued

Better Than Hostess Cupcakes

Better than Hostess Cupcakes

How many of you used to, or still eat Hostess Cupcakes? I know I did back in the day. I stopped eating them because I don’t know if I trust what they put into them. So when I saw this on Cooks Country, I just had to make them. These are heaven in chocolatey, creamy form. They are oh so good. You won’t be able to stop at just one, I sure can’t.