Crazy Good Banana Bread

To me banana bread was something that someone else brought over to the house or gave us for a gift. For some reason my mom didn’t ever make quick breads such as banana bread or zucchini bread (at least I … Continued

Best Buttermilk Biscuits

A lot of recipes I found were made with shortening. To me shortening is tasteless and gross. If I want to bake something I want it to have some flavor. What about butter flavored shortening you might ask? Well its the same stuff as above but with fake butter flavor, and that’s not tastyliciousness. Finally I found this one on and I must say everyone at my house is in love, even the Wife.

Get ready!

Some much nicer photos are coming your way soon. I just pulled the trigger on a Canon EOS Rebel T1i. An actual real camera. I am really excited to bring nicer, much more professional pictures of my tastylicious food to … Continued