Disneyland Shirt Vector Designs

We will soon be going on a trip to Disneyland. We thought it would be fun to have homemade t-shirts to commemorate the occasion. Being the designer I am I decided to design the shirts myself. I scoured Pinterest and the net for fun Ideas. I found an idea on Grey Luster Girl and absolutely loved the Old Disneyland Sign idea. One thing was that she didn’t have anything someone could download and use so I made one and this is the result for one of the shirts.

Disneyland Old Sign Shirt

Pretty sweet I think. I also found found some shirts with the Mickey and Minnie heads with half of them being heir pants. I thought that was pretty cool. Although a lot of those were Etsy shops, so I decided to make some myself.

Disney Minnie Mouse White Shirt Vector

Disneyland Mickey Mouse White Shirt Vector

I thought you guys would like the vectors to work with. I have them in both PDF and Illustrator formats and zipped them all up for your shirt making pleasure.

Download Disneyland Shirt Vectors

As an added bonus, here are some great Disney Fonts.

Easy Orange Chicken Recipe

Easy Orange Chicken

I bet I can guess what your favorite dish is at Panda Express. Pepper chicken, no. Sweet and sour chicken, no. Beijing beef, maybe. Orange chicken….ding ding ding. I win a prize. Just kidding or maybe I’m not. Needless to say I think we all go to Panda Express for the orange chicken. It’s no lie that its the best thing on the menu. My whole family loves it. Sometimes when ordering the 2 entree meal, we get all orange chicken.

Now this orange chicken recipe isn’t as good as mass produced yummyness, but it is really really good. It doesn’t hurt that you can make it at home and don’t have to go on a quest to the strip mall. Plus, if it wasn’t good, I wouldn’t post it here for your consumption. My wife made this for the family and the girls loved it I think you will too.

Pinteresting Recipes: 7-8-14

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Have you ever tried brownie bark from those nice people at Sam’s Club or Costco? I have and loved them but never bought them. I think this recipe for Chewy Brownie Bark from Just a Bite looks pretty awesome. Update: We tried these this weekend and they were awesome!

Chewy Brownie Bark from Just a Bite

Crunchy, honey, garlic etc. All those are great things when it comes to food. These Double Crunch Honey Garlic chicken cutlets from The Happy Little Tomato look really good. I can’t wait to try them.

double crunch honey garlic chicken

If you haven’t had biscoff/cookie butter you are really missing out. I love it on my Liege Waffles I found these very intriguingHaving shown this to my wife, she thought it was ironic that these are cookies made out of a spread made of cookies. Biscoff No Bake Cookies by Cooking Classy

Biscoff No Bake Cookies

A few weeks ago I made some awesome country fried chicken wings, which I should post here some time but I am always on the lookout for awesome wing recipes and this recipe for Honey Mustard Soy Glazed Chicken Wings by A Family Feast look really good.

Honey Mustard Soy Glazed Chicken Wings